Score one for gaming and literacy

Conversation in the Stacks today:

Patron: I’m looking for books on Mythology, can you tell me where to find them?

Me: Sure, let me walk you over.

[we walk over to proper section]

Me: Are you looking for any type of mythology?

Patron: I’m looking for Greek Mythology. I’ve been playing this game ‘God of War’ and it deals a lot with mythology.

So to recap: The patron came to the library looking for a book about Greek Mythology because his interest was piqued by a video game. I can now say with honesty that video games bring people to the library for books. I’ve seen it myself.

God of War Cosplay

God of War Cosplay


One response to “Score one for gaming and literacy

  1. But, I’ve been here all day, and I can honestly tell you all he did NOT come in dressed like that. I kind of wish he had.

    Still… nice story.


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