Librarian blogs I couldn’t live without

Jessamyn West’s blog
One of my favorite librarians. One look at her wikipedia entry and you’ll know why.

The Shifted Librarian by Jenny Levine.
What is a shifted Librarian you ask? Jenny answers on her blog:

a “shifted librarian” is someone who is working to make libraries more portable. We’re experimenting with new methods, even if we find out they don’t work as well as we thought they would. Sometimes, we’re waiting for our colleagues, our bosses, and even the kids to catch up, but we’re still out there trying. And please don’t think I don’t love books and print, because I do. No amount of technology will ever replace them, and libraries will always be a haven for books. It’s the extras that I’m concentrating on, especially as we try to serve our remote patrons.”

LibraryBytes by Helene Blowers(Of learning 2.0 fame)

Librarian in black by Sarah Houghton-Jan.
This blog focuses on tech related library issues

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