One of my favorite 2.0 applications is  The most basic thing to love about is how it offers librarians a way to gather useful, authoritative, and free websites together making them easy to share with patrons and staff.

In my current job our library website only lists the databases that we pay for and that section of the website isn’t updated very often.  Sites I use and recommend frequently, such as MedlinePlus or the BBC Language pages, may remain unseen by patrons looking only at the system website. Once patrons know that our account is online, they have the ability to check back frequently for updates and to look at a collection of free websites hand picked by librarians.  Another benefit: even if they were to access our account from home, they wouldn’t need a library card to get in.

The true genius of social bookmarking is the opportunity for collaboration. My tags and bookmarks are shared with others and they in turn share with me.  I have found many great websites and articles by scrolling through my network, which contains some library and librarian pages. For more guided searching I can start with a keyword in the main search box and branch off from there. What might have taken one user days and weeks to research and find is now available to many people with a few keystrokes. Everybody benefits because today I might be the person accessing information with a few keystrokes, but tommorrow I could be the person spending days compiling information so that somebody else can have the easy access the next day.

Some of my favorite pages:
The page I created for Greenbrier
Library of the University of Paris-Sorbonne
Cleveland Public Library has separate accounts for many different subjects.

CommonCraft video showing the basics of how to use social bookmarking:

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